Striving to create new trends.

Welcome to A.LIVE: a Colombian footwear brand where dreams recover life in avant-garde pieces that seek the means of personal expression.

Our great mission: to give today's women the necessary tool to feel safe and comfortable when facing their dreams, empowering them through representative designs that give them the confidence to make impressive steps.

Our woman: each collection is inspired by the dynamic and independent woman of the 21st century. A multifaceted woman, with the illusion of achieving everything. The A.LIVE woman is a faithful dreamer, if there is something that women have in common, its vanity, not only related to beauty but in the power of leaving a mark and leading change, this allows us to feel alive.

Our designs: avant-garde designs inspired by the freedom of expression, versatility of colors, textures, and figures. Shoes for every occasion because we strongly believe that glamour and elegance can be represented in simple but yet outstanding pieces.

Our talent: local craftsmen and shoemakers passionate about art and design assemble our pieces carefully by hand, using leather and high-quality Colombian materials to achieve unique footwear.

Our social Responsibility: we aim to give back to those who have lost hope, to those that have long lost the feeling of being A.LIVE, and for that reason, through our "Give me 5 for Cancer" program, for each pair of shoes we sell we donate US$5 to our Children Cancer Foundation Bonnasalud.

Walk with style

Susana Osorio

Founder of Alive